unable to change settings

I want to know why everytime I return to a previously saved game, I am not able to play the game with the original “default” settings, not am I able to play with sound or with limited political capital. I end up having to uninstall the game, then re-installing it!

are you saying that you can’t change the options on the games option screen? if so this sounds like some sort of permissions issue. Maybe you are playing under a ‘limited’ user account on Vista or XP (although AFAIK, the game runs fine under those accounts).

I am not able to change the settings on the options screen. How can I not play on “limited settings?” I do use windows vista.

Hi. if you reinstall the game somewhere in your ‘mydocuments’ folder, the game should let you change everything. Vista really can be way too paranoid about this stuff :frowning:

You can also set the executable file for the game to Run as Administrator, which should let you do whatever you need to do with your settings.

Vista is paranoid…