Unable to download GSB

I need some assistance. I bought this back in Oct 09, and just bought the DLC now. I am trying to download GSB to reinstall it, but I’m told my username and password are not valid. How do I get a download link, I’ve got the serial #.

I just reactivated the link and resent it to you by email,

Since I’m having the same problem, I’m posting in this thread rather than starting another one.

I bought GSB way back, recently got excited by the Campaign expansion so I purchased that and went to install my GSB. I was unable to find my original installer (though I did find a beta installer, but that won’t start [error 36 or something]) and so I dug up my original download link email. However, it says my password has expired.

Is there anywhere I can get the original game again? Is there not a mechanism for entering the registration data in to a demo copy or something to unlock? I grabbed a recent demo copy to check and it ran just fine, but I couldn’t see any way to do that in there.


Cheers! Awesome stuff with the campaign. I’m totally re-energized for this game!

Sorry Cliff, first post and it is a support related one :frowning:

I too am having an issue re-downloading GSB, tried the links in the email sent to me (yes ages ago), password expired.
Have my order details/serial can PM them to you to verify.

Roger “WhytWulf” Wain

PS: have been silently enjoying this wonderful creation called GSB…


That worked a treat. Now I can re-setup my awesome fighter wing :slight_smile:

Hello there!
Sorry to report I’ve also been having this problem. Not a fond user of forums but I’m eager to get the latest update and some downloadable content of Gratuitous Space Battles tried out since I’m still playing 1.23. I saved the conformation web page and invoice when I bought the game so it can be emailed to you for proof of receipt.


email cliff@positech.co.uk