Unable to save ship design after changing hulltype

First off, awesome game, and I’ve enjoyed it up to this point :-).

I’m running the game from Steam, window version says 1.28.

Today I decided to clear my ships out. I clicked the Load button in the ship design window and proceeded to click the X buttons on each item, deleting them all. Then I tried designing a new ship when I realized the “Save” button was completely grayed out. This remained whether the design had all slots filled or not. I tried verifying file integrity through Steam, which downloaded two files. When I attempt to load a ship design, the tutorial ships are there again. Any time I try designing a ship, regardless of loading a tutorial design first, as soon as I change the hull type, I’m unable to save my design at all.

So in short, I have no ship designs and I’m not able to create any new ones. Obviously, this is putting a damper on things :-|.

This is a bug that is fixed in the next patch, but in the short run, if you totally uninstall and reinstall the game, it should work fine.

Well, lost some progress, but it looks like it’s fixed. Thanks for the reply. That’ll teach me to delete the tutorial ships :-D.