uncancellable policies

There are currently some policies that are not defined as uncancellable but they should. Any country has to define some policy and laws regarding some ethic issue. Here is a short (not exhaustive!) list of what should be defined as uncancellable, with a debatable proposition for slider positions (some of them are actually already implemented in the game, but not as uncancellable):

position on gay community and rights: forbidden, some tolerance, civil union, marriage, adoption, surrogacy agreement

euthanasia: life above all/no intensive medication/assisted suicide/active euthanasia

death penalty: forbidden/terrorism only/violent crime only/any crime

drugs legalization: strongly sentenced/criminal activity/therapeutic usage allowed/no restriction

prostitution: strongly prosecuted/criminal activity/proxenetism illegal/soliciting illegal/no restriction

organ donation: forbidden/on death/medical allowance/commercial use

birth control: restrictive policy/no governmental intervention/some encouragement/benefits and tax-cut for parents

military service: none/a few months/several months/a year/two years/very long

minimum wage: none/very low/low/medium/comfortable

and some additional possible age-sliders : driving licence age, voting age, majority, length of study (or legal age for quiting school), retirement age

Please feel free to add your comments and thoughts! (some of these points are already part of some mods).

I fully agree. Maybe interesting to know the opinion of Cliff.