Uncancellable Policy and Economic Measures Suggestions

While the simulation is very good, foreign policy and the private sector economy is modelled extremely poorly in my opinion. The following need to be added:

Foreign Policy

Uncancellable ‘Immigration Policy’ Policy - ‘Border Controls’ needs to remain a separate policy, but this should reflect on how the government governs the entry of non-citizens - From ‘Open Borders’ to ‘Points Based System’ to ‘One in, One Out’ to ‘Closed Borders’ as currently there are not enough controls on immigration. If your economy booms it is impossible to control immigration levels still.

Uncancellable ‘Customs and Excise’ Policy - This should be between ‘No barriers to entry’ to a middle ‘WTO Rules’ to ‘Protectionism’


** (Blue/Measure)**

Small to Medium Enterprises

Large Firms and Corporations

Multinational Corporations

The above three should measure like the poor/middle/wealthy but for economic sizes, representing employment categories and encouraging an entrepreneurial economy

Peer-To-Peer Lending

Either a policy on the regulation of, or a measure of investment in, peer to peer credit as an economic sector (It’s been growing)

Ease of Credit/Banking Confidence/Financial Sector

Just something to represent institutional economic investors, making capitalists happy, promoting self-employment etc if strong.

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The corporations suggestion I think would add unnecessary clutter to the game UI, but all your other ideas are good. Your corporations idea could be included as a hidden event.