Understanding the voter type csv

Hello everyone,

It seems the subject has been talked about before, but I don’t quite understand it still after having read all of that…
I delved a bit into the csv files in data, to understand a bit more of how the game works. They are all quite easy actually, except the votertypes.csv, which is puzzling me a bit.

Does someone happen to know 3 things :

  • How the influences work ? They seem to all be tied up together, what decided for example if my voter is retired or young/working ? What’s the real meaning behind those influences ?
  • What does the percentage column corresponds to ? Especially in overriden groups, what does it do then, as it’s not about repartition ? (eg in my file Cap+Soc isn’t equal to 1…)
  • Is there somewhere written the thresholds for Poor/Middle/Wealthy and what the starting proportion of them is ?

Thank you all for your answers :smiley: