Unemployment Benefit

I have some questions regarding the Unemployment Benefit.

I have noticed thats its a fixed static figure, regardless of the rate of unemployment. This distorts the budget somewhat, since low unemployment would mean the govt is paying out less, therefore a lower total figure needed overall.

Is there anyway of linking the value set in the unemployment benefit to the rate of unemployment, and using a percentage value of the say for example the average wage if there is a figure available in the game.

Is there anyway this can be modded? Does anyone have any ideas?

There should be a way to do this. I think it will work ok, but can’t check right now. If you look in policies.csv you will see that in column ‘N’ (in excel) there is space to enter a multiplying value for the cost. Possibly putting the name of unemployment (which i think is ‘Unemployment’) in there, may do the trick.
I’d need to look at the code to verify that will work though.

Workes great
in column 10 of UnemployedBenefit I have put Unemployment
and in StatePensions in column 10 Lifespan

If the unemployment is low the cost for UnemployedBenefit is low to
If the society gets older the cost for StatePensions rises