Unemployment figures

On Unemployment under capitalistic economy: While I’d say that a government that spends money to reduce unemployment should get a better result here provided GDP is the same, I kind of agree that unemployment seems way too high. This is, in my thoughts, at least partially due to capped GDP (you can read specifics here: Interesting Effects of Productivity & Maxed-out GDP). Players still have options like reducing immigration or implementing one-child policy but I personally don’t prefer them.

On Unemployment and Poverty: Mostly agreed. This is because unemployment doesn’t actually reduce disposable income of the poor or other voter groups. The fact that Unemployment Benefits policy does boost poor earnings make this even more problematic. The poor will actually have a bit more income to spend when unemployment goes up. In that sense, I’ve personally modified the game files so that high unemployment can undermine poor earnings and possibly middle earnings. (Link: Lists of proposed changes to income simulations +misc) I haven’t made it into a mod since some of its changes doesn’t work when written as overrides instead of direct modifications. Maybe I should publish this part as a mod?

On Self-Employed and Unemployment: This was one of my suggestions in that proposed income changes post. However, I’d make self-employed voters more picky then. Minimum Wage policy & Wages simulation should put burdens to self-employers and possibly reduce their membership.

fyi) if you want to know how the game handles income group, you can read this: https://forums.positech.co.uk/t/some-ideas-on-a-post-keynesian-model-of-dynamic-economic-simulation/18282/6

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