Uninstalled features / Missing features on car


I have started to play this game recently and for most part I enjoy the game, however. I have came across an issue that I can not seem to find any answers or work out for myself.

Cars coming off the production line with continually missing features. Currently I am missing automatic Whippers (This is only 1 of Meany) I also have factory area “window fitting” which I thought covers this feature?

I know the line is ament to stop if your missing an upgrade. It is not stopping so don’t know if this is bug or I missing something?. I also know that after you research a feature, it lists the factory upgrade needed in order to install that feature and also gives you the ability to upgrade that factory area.

But what if you research a bunch of features and then apply to your car latter. How do I know what factory workshop areas it required for each feature? Is there an easy list to check or what?

Can anyone please help.


Hello there,

So the basic slots that install features on cars at the beginning of the game (fit chassis, fit body, paint, fit accessories, etc.) don’t install any of the upgraded features. So you have to install all secondary or upgrades slots later once you have enough money built up. The automatic windscreen wipers are an upgrade in the install windscreen slot.

Some of the features take a little bit to find in each slot until you get used to the game.
Once you add these secondary slots - the cars will stop here if the feature is not upgraded in the slot.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply.

This helped thank you. Is there a list i can cross reference encase this happens with more features? also i believe there is an order in which these work shop areas need to by placed or grouped?
Would there by a guide for that also?

Thanks for help.

Installing electric powertrain at Fit Engine is not working. You cannot upgrade the module to install electric powertrains and it takes those components, but despite having only electric on stock all vehicles passing by as with combustion engine and having a missing feature.