Uninstalling DLC?

I want to uninstall the Nomads DLC, so I can fight something else for a change in Campaign mode. However, GSB won’t let me start the game without the Nomads installed. I even uninstalled the whole thing, deleted all the DLC folders, and re-installed fresh from Steam. Every time I load the game it has a freakout because it can’t find the Nomad ship hulls.

Please help! I enjoy GSB, I do not enjoy Nomads. Surely I’m missing something obvious? The game isn’t going to demand the DLC forever. Right?

If the game is “freaking out” because the nomads are not installed, that would mean something is calling for the nomads.
You have deleted the game and started again so that leaves 2 options.

  1. The most likely is there is a ship design somewhere that is asking nomad data ( Since your on steam I am not 100% sure where the location is. )
    For example (Since i purchased GSB through Positech) all my ship designs are saved here:
    My Documents\My Games\Gratuitousspacebattles\ships\

There is also
My Documents\My Games\Gratuitousspacebattles\campaigncaptureddesigns
which might hold nomad designs.

  1. A more improbable option is there is a mod is requesting a nomad hull.
    Some mods might be using a nomad hull as its base for damage (ie Uni:T Viral)

Give those a try because you should be able to play GSB with or without DLC