Unique Flagships

This is a half-serious suggestion, as I don’t expect it to be followed in any kind of way. :stuck_out_tongue: Friends of Huge And Cost-Ineffective SuperShips might like it though…

I think it would be niiiice to have unique flagships. Unique as in you can only build one of each hull type, if there are several available to each faction. They would basically be supercruisers - no need for another class for them entirely. More modules, weapon slots and more everything, but they’d use cruiser modules. They would, in addition to being extremely big and expensive, provide some sort of fleet-wide bonus, depending on the type. Something like +targeting to all fleet ships or the like - different bonus for different flagships. Obviously, the place where they would truly prove awesome is the campaign.

I’m using a mod that includes the Whale federation dreadnought, and they aren’t as useful as you might think, slow, firing ranges not superior to normal cruisers, etc…they get eaten up by fast frigates and fighters.

If there were some type of fleet bonus they may be more valuable, otherwise, its just a waste of credits

Wasteful, yeah, but still cool to have.


I took a few hulls from teh Experimental mod that were teh same size and had a similar number of hardpoints to what i’m using and have been tweaking them to try and find a way to make Capital Ships (By which i mean stuff bigger then cruisers, in terms of mass). i’ve found if you use designated “Capital modules” (like my Archer Missile launcher MK II, not released yet to to balance playtesting)they can be DEVASTATING. The problem is balanced modules, of course

Style before cost-effectiveness! Yamato and Musashi were totally useless, but gratuitously cool. Who doesn’t like bunch of 480 mm guns?! Anyway, I was thinking the command bonus function would give them some usability. Then up to the player if he wants to fill all those modules slots with stuff to create a super star destroyer or not.

Well of course! I’ve always thought the Caldari Fleet Command ships just take the cake for pretty Cap’s, and if we ever get fleet bonuses/modules that give fleetwide bonuses…

The “useless” aspect is open to interpretation, but I’m with you on the rest. At least I can say that one of their “successors” wasn’t useless… :wink:

Holy …!

Now THAT’s a Flagship.

Btw, what ship is that?