Unique things to say for each race?

It would be good for modded races in many cases (hurr hurr rhyme) and a lot of the races here now. When I was starting GSB, I was almost as disappointed to see my newly-unlocked Rebels saying the same things as the Federation as I was to see they had a grand total of one difference in their available modules.

Also, I have difficulty imagining the Alliance or Swarm having wallets, or pants in which to place those wallets.

Maybe that’s why they always leave their wallets on Deck Six. Maybe deck six is a wallet-storage deck since they don’t wear pants

you can change what they say in the game files, i cant really point out the location, because GSB Dont work on my computer

Hmm. I’ll take a look but so far I’ve just seen different names.

theres a file in the data directory called comms, its not race pacific but you can modify it a bit so its not so pushed towards humanoids

yeah, it would be awesome if they said race-specific things. The Alliance, for example, doesn’t even speak English!If I could edit my comms.ini file to include race-specific speeches, mine would be an alien language:

“Norzek hem tekken, jeyt?!”
“Orpt, teku tohn? Orpt? …ORPT!!” (Orpt being a crewname)

Don’t insect communicate with antenna?

Wouldn’t it be more like

“click click click!”
"Click click cli…end transmission

not ALIEN insects :stuck_out_tongue:

What would the other races say?

“It appears that Owen has made a GLORIOUS END today!”
“Today is a good day to die!”

“The Emperor has willed Publius to die today…”
“The Imperial Tractor has netted a outsider…who wishes to deal with this scum?”

'Hey, man…that ship was totally gnarly! Buzzkill!"
“Yo, man!! The garden deck just got trashed!”

“Target found. Preparing to cleanse with NUCLEAR RADIATION!!”
“Alas…we shall soon meet again, brother…”

“We are fallen…but we are Swarm…”
“We have spotted prey…we shall take it for the Swarm…”

“[Name] has fallen but two more shall take his place!”

“Well, looks like I might become a martyr, depending on if I can reach the escape-” Transmission ends

Ooh, Federation idea XD
“Our ship got that one. You all saw it. We have dibs on that one’s salvage.”

Well, untill race specific messages are implemented, this should keep you busy:


There are enough new entries in there that you probably wont have a game last long enough to see them all :slight_smile:

Space pheromones. Alliance captains use Quantum Smell-O-Vision communication.

okay, I figured out that four are Empire, Tribe, Order, and Swarm, respectively but what is the first one? is it Rebels or Aliance?

Federation I believe.

Rebels, actually. A lot of the Rebel victory/defeat messages sound Soviet-ish, and so does that. And I believe Owen is in the Rebel crew name list.

I’d really like to see some of the things the Tribe would say ingame.

I thought it was Rebels too but I wasn’t sure. though, the crewman’s name being Owen is funny since my brother’s name is Owen.

“Our shields have fallen. Anyone attempting to utilize an escape pod prematurely will be shot on sight!”

Really? I could’ve sworn that it was a Federation crewname, so that’s why I guessed Federation.

Actually, I was going more for ‘LO! We are the Einherjar of VALHALLA! Let us OFF FOR RAGNAROK!!’ Rebels

That works too. I always was confused if Rebels were Soviet-ish or Norse-ish. One one hand there’s the “common man in the space-battleship”, on the other there’s the Valhalla Cruiser, Valkyrie Cruiser, Midgard Frigate, Odin Frigate, etc.

Which is why I find the Minotaur Cruiser and the Fighters misnamed.