Unit design/augmentations

Its about weapon effective augmentation against armor or shield.

the lvl 2 augmentations sais it boosts the units effectiveness against the armor or shield by 20%. When I have a unit with a cannon which has 100% boost against shields and -50% against armor and I put in the armor damage booster augmentation the damage modifier goes to -40% (instead of -30% since it sais it boosts by 20%) and when I put in a shield damaging booster augmentation my unit damage output against shields goes up to 140%. The same happens with the laser guns, just vice versa.

If this is normal, there should be some better explanation as to how it really works.

Another thing about the map editor. I spent hours making a map, then when I wanted to save it I’ve put an explanation mark in the title and when I hit save, it crashed saying invalid characters in name. That is fine, but it should allow me to rename it and save it with a different name instead of crashing and loosing all the work.

Thanks, I’ll investigate