Unit design & map design video

For those who haven’t found it yet:


Many bothan spys and 2 tiger tanks were harmed to bring you this information . .

Both the map and unit editor look fantastic.
(Perfect for those that want their Pink Tanks)

Every new thing I learn about GTB makes me more jazzed about it. I really dig the incredibly detailed level of unit customization, and the map editor looks (gasp!) really user-friendly (unlike way too many other games). Really looking forward to this one Cliff!

Oh man, pure epicness, i just cant wait to play GTB =D (and Mod it)

There are still some clunky and awkward things in the map editor that I need to fix. I don’t consider it shippable yet, but it will be. I’d like the process of setting a path to be a bit simpler, but to have the flexibility I need it is a bit involved by neccesity.

My favourite part of the video. That line was adorable.

I got to say, you’re the most natural and likeable developer I’ve seen and heard.
You are like the perfect example for why I prefer Indie devs over big, evil corporation studios.

You’re just being natural. And that’s awesome.

Just as your new game will be, I’m certain. Please stay that way.

Can I donate you some bucks? Just for being a nice person?

Sounds (and looks) very promising.