Unit scroll

Just to report that the creation of divisions in 1.003 was a great future, however it’s still hard to scroll units with the mouse. Sometimes I can’t reach the last two or the very last unit. I scroll to one end and the scroll goes the other way around. This is the only big problem I have to report so far.

using the scrollbar or the mouse wheel?

I was referring to the scrollbar.
So, I can use the mouse wheel to cycle units also, interesting (when the cursor is over the units). Works much better. Nevertheless it would be good if you could fix when cycling units using the scrollbar. It’s never the same odd behavior (I mean how tough it is to cycle all the way through). Maybe it’s a usability issue. Maybe I’m moving the cursor away of the scrollbar too soon or something and I can’t scroll all the way through. Do you know what I’m talking about?