Unit selection ribbon not updating, plus minor stuff

If I create a unit, save it, and then later change its appearance and save it again, the unit selection ribbon in game still shows the unit as it appeared when it was first created. What’s particularly annoying is that the specific change I made was colour coded turrets and helmets to allow me to quickly tell units appart on the ribbon, but the ribbon still shows them with their old, same-coloured paint jobs.

Also, infantry. I understand their purpose for the attacker, and that their high victory point value is the reason they have a hard time surviving. As the defender, though, I just can’t find any way to justify deploying them. A unit of them is at least as costly as any turret, but the instant a single supercooled gatling gun or missile launcher gets directed against them, they all just turn to ground beef in seconds. I know that’s a case of “specialist weapon versus its preferred target”, but armoured turrets can still take punishment from anti-armour weapons for long enough to serve a purpose. I think entrenched infantry need considerable defensive bonuses to make them a viable choice.

Finally, the heavy pulse blaster seems a bit weak. It seems like it should be trading in the plasma cannon’s range for higher damage output and therefore be a more effective close-in weapon, but I just get better performance from the plasma cannon in all circumstances and for lower cost. I suspect the pulse blaster’s tiny ammo magazine compared with any other weapon may be the reason for this.

Everything else about this game is excellent and consuming much time that I really should be spending on other things.

EDIT: Oh, and I’d really love to have un-skewed versions of those loading screen posters as desktop wallpapers.

I’ll investigate this issue. The game caches images for that ribbon, so it must just not be correctly updating them. if you close and reopen the game, I assume it goes away?
Infantry have a few distinct advantages, they can target enemy infantry more effectively (multyipl targets per squad), they are deployed instantly, and a bunch of them with beam lasers are good against armored tanks, esp light or medium ones.

Aha, just found and fixed the bug with the unit design chanegs not showing up in the unit picker. Expect it in the next patch…