unknown module crashing came?

Lately Ive been getting a lot of crashes after trying to download a challenge from a regular opponent. They all basically say something to the effect of “module not found”… here is a more specific example:

So… what could cause this?

  1. simple typo in the link (“Seceret”? UK spelling? :wink: )
  2. private/3rd party mods?
  3. expansion I dont own yet (up to nomads)
  4. maliscious software (virus/trojans?)

If it is a modded module… is there some way to see which challenges contain mods before I load it… to prevent this crash?

looks like its a modded module.

the maker probably put it in the original module folder, thats why it doesnt show up as modded.

That’s definitely a modded module. There isn’t any official module with that name in it’s code.

Mods can use the checkbox system you see when sending a challenge (the one you see if you own any of the DLCs) but, apparently, this challenge isn’t using it or the sender has added new modules directly in its original files. GSB won’t know what is modded and what not when sending challenges then (in campaign, cliffski has this solved fortunately).

This is the other reason we like to remind people to make their mods properly without editing the core files. It stops other people having random unexplainable crashes :wink: