unlock ALL the things

So I really don’t want to wait for all the seemingly random unlocks… is there a way to do unlock everything manually?

Yes there is :slight_smile:

I will send you a PM since its classified info

Why would you? That makes the half of the game.

i was actually significantly disappointed that i could just do the first mission over and over again and unlock everything in just a few hours last night :(, I got no sence of accomplishment, i wish that you could unlock certain things by gaining an achievement and stuff like that. I liked how gsb did it where you earned a currency.

i feel like there’s hardly anything to customize in this game; once everything’s unlocked, for the most part just pick the best of each item, cost wasn’t too much of an issue, granted i’ve only played the defence, but i just made a turret with the best missles & everything and spammed that turret.

gsb provided me with SOOO many hours of entertainment, and i feel i’m almost done with gtb after one evening. i’ll play with it a few more days as offence (apparently you can’t do that in the campaign mode?) and hopefully that will change my mind.