Unlockable Modules Text File Fixes...

This is a combined list of fixes for the unlockable module text files as of 1.54:

Firefly Rockets - Change “Only the order have these weapons.” to “Only the Order has these weapons.”
A) The “O” in Order is capitalized.
B) The word “have” becomes “has” which is more grammatically correct and it results in the text fitting in four lines at 1920x1080 resolution in the Ship Design screen. With the word “have” the text spills over.

Nuclear Missile Launcher - Add “Only the Order has these weapons.” to the end of the current description.

Fusion Beam - Rename this, possibly to “Federation Beam” because the Rebels also have a Fusion Beam and the stats are different. Add “Federation Only.” to the end of the description if a different name than “Federation Beam” is used.

Target Boosters - Target Booster I currently costs 1300 Honor and Target Booster II currently costs 220 (already reported via e-mail). The Honor costs just need to be reversed in the module text files.

hey you can do it yourself and post the changed files here … Thanks :smiley:

If we can build a consistent list of “fixes” that people agree on then I can add an option in GSBEdit to patch the files (or at least add a todo item for that :stuck_out_tongue: ).

Hmm very strange… The Target Boosters were fixed in the previous patch, but now with 1.56, they’re back to being reversed again!