Unlocking Alliance

I did all the real missions in hard mode, unlocked every module, what do i have to do to get the alliance?! I thought it was doing all the missions on hard mode… if so, do i have to somehow clear hard mode on tutorial, when there’s not even the option? I’ve worked hard to unlock the alliance, what else do i have to do?!

the races are not unlocked the same way modules are unlocked. when you unlock a race it becomes available under the “change race” option at the top of the mission selection screen.

This might also help, if you’re still having problems:

i know the button that changes the race! I unlocked the rebels and used them! (BTW they rock) I did all missions on hard. I’ve tried doing survival and tutorial, but in survival, it says that a sound cannot be found. is there any other way?

from my understanding it works like this: beat every mission on hard = get 1 new race unlocked. beat every mission on expert = get all races unlocked. the tutorial and the survival mode missions (the ones with infinite duration) do not count towards this goal.

really? have you done every mission on hard yet? >_> I did AND IT DOESN"T FREAKIN’ WORK!!

Dude, Hybrinoid, no need to get angsty. Splad is right, that is how it is supposed to work. Unfortunately, there’s an outstanding bug where the unlocks don’t always work.

Look in My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles for a file called sc.dat. This is where the settings are kept that tell what you’ve beat. Open this with Notepad. Under each map, check if all of the easy/medium/hard are set to 1. Have you missed a level? It’s not sufficient to complete Expert, you have to complete Hard too. Also, check the tutorial and survival, it’s possible those haven’t been completed yet. They aren’t supposed to count towards the unlocks, but I think that they do (hence the bug).

Since this bug still exists, please let us know which ones you found that weren’t beat yet. If we can figure out what’s being missed, then Cliffski can fix it.

You don’t have to beat survival, but I think you do have to at least try it, or at least that’s how I remember it.

YAY i’ve tried it, works perfectly. Made a youtube video of me totally destroying some empire forces i challenged myself with. Who knew fighters could be so devastating?