Unlocking everything

Is there a way to unlock all the components and units without having to play the game/campaign?
What do I have to put in the unl.dat?

If you REALLY want to, I think a modification of the “Unlocks” file in Data could do it.

Yes, thanks. So, how do I modify it or get a modification?

If you move everything to under the heading “defaults” that should theoretically unlock them. (I haven’t tested this, so save a back-up of the file first.)

The unlock file doesn’t seem to work, but when I putted them all into the unl.dat when I launched the game it was just reset.

if you open unl.dat in notepad, you can see which items are unlocked, the unlocks.txt file has a list of all of them, so just copy and paste them all in unl.dat but make sure it’s still saved as unl.dat, not unl.dat.txt which notepad may try to do…

Thnk you for the reply. darkstar076 has ensured that the file is correct but for some reason the system resets it everytime.