Unlocking Race by Difficulty Difficulty

When I started this game, I was slowly working my way though the single player missions, one at a time, doing each level of difficulty (easy, hard, expert) as I went. The same fleet would usually work on the next difficulty level so I would just play again and maybe do some minor tweaks.

When I was done more than half the levels at various difficulty levels, if the race unlock option was buggy. I was thinking I had played half the game and I still can’t play these races. Then I realized (only because there were three difficulty levels and three races to unlock) that each race is unlocked as you complete a difficulty level for all the battles. If I continued down this path, I wouldn’t have unlocked any races until the very last mission where I would unlock them all at once.

I suggest having a different mechanism for unlocking races (for example, percent of the game complete) or having a mechanism that gently pushes the player to the next battle instead of the next level of difficulty. For example it could be set up that you’re not able to do the ‘hard’ version of a battle until you complete the ‘easy’ of the next one. And again, unable to do the ‘expert’ version of a battle until you complete the ‘hard’ of the next one, etc. There could also be a “Go to next battle…” button when you win a battle as well as a button taking you back to the battle selection screen.

These are slightly awkward solutions, but I wanted to share my slight frustration in not being able to unlock races. At least set it up so there’s a tool-tip over the race-select button that says “Will not unlock until ‘Easy’ battles are complete” as well as a similar note on each race.

It’s in the manual.

However, I agree that a tool tip or similar would be nice.

I agree. I think race unlocks should perhaps be done by Honor, or by winning (x) number of victories on a difficulty.

I think they should be bought, like you would buy parts, along with special ship chassis.

I would be nice to have a tech tree instead of a shop. And add most of the ships and components in the tech tree and just start with the very basics to limit confusion and too many options early on. Prices don’t have to be a grind either, just something to extend the enjoyment of single player.

I wouldn’t be opposed to them being unlocked via honor point purchase. To be honest, I like the honor point unlocks, but it just feels like there should be more of them. As it stands it just seems like theres a handful of expensive ones. Though I could see adding more might be problematic because while just looking at it, it seems as though there aren’t that many, but I’m sure it would be a pain to have to balance even more of them out.

maybe have the other races unlocked simply on percentage completion?
i.e. if completing all scenarios at all difficulty levels is 100% completion, have one race unlocked at 1/3rd, one at 2/3rds and one at total completion. As there’s always 3 variations per scenario, the maths is always nice too :wink: