Unlocking Races?

First off, just wanted to say I am enjoying this game.

I’ve read in the manual that I can unlock additional races by playing through the game on the various difficulty levels, and I see the “Change Race” button. However, I have now played every mission on every difficulty level (except for the survival and tutorial levels) and I still have a greyed-out “Change Race” button.

Is there something I’m missing, or do I need to download a new patch? (If so, where do I get it?) Please help!

Try updating to the new version 1.12, which fixed a bug that prevented unlocking new races due to the challenge mode.

Instructions are in a sticky at the top of the support forum, but the standard update is taken care of automatically when you register the game in the “Online” panel of the main menu.

I finally finished every level on expert today, but I’m still only able to access the Feds and Rebels. Running current patch, and I’ve completed the tutorial. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help.

Same. I think the problem may be that the tutorial can only be finished on normal, and the game still think’s you’ve only completed everything on “normal” even if the rest are all expert. Thus only rebels are unlocked (and feds start off unlocked by default of course).

There was a bug where you had to complete the tutorial and (attempt) survival levels before it would unlock. I think this has been fixed, but it’s worth trying.

No joy yet, unfortunately. Do you have to complete every mission with each race to unlock the other two?

I don’t think it matters what race you use, but you do need to complete every mission on every difficulty. For example, you can’t skip over Hard and go straight to Expert.

If you are really stuck, open “My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\sc.dat” with Notepad. You’ll see fields for whether you’ve completed a difficulty on a mission. If you notice any that are still 0 instead of 1, change them to 1 and see if that fixes it. Try changing them one at a time and report back which one you needed to change to fix your problem. I think there are a couple missions (tutorial and survival) that supposed to be required for unlocking races, but they are still being used in the calculation.

Great stuff James, that worked a treat: I just had to set the tutorial settings so the game thinks I’ve beaten it on hard and expert.

Now to start work on my Alliance dreadnaughts…