Unplayable due to screen resolution - help!

Just re-downloaded Democracy 4 with the latest updates, and I can’t work out a way of making it playable. The default screen resolution makes the font tiny (see below). I’ve now meticulously tested every possible screen resolution (urgh - wouldn’t it be easier to have a ‘default’ setting suited to the user’s device?) with no success. Does anyone know how I make the game playable?
Thank you

ah, don’t worry - resolved it. Keeping the post here in case anyone else has the same problem in the latest update.

All I had to do was tick the box for ‘disable DPI aware’ on the options, and it now fits neatly.

Eurgh, no, lost it again. The resolution I was using looked fine, but didn’t go down far enough to include the key buttons (cancel policy, apply policy etc). I tried to change the resolution and this happened. I now can’t click on anything to change the resolution, and I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled but it remains like this. I’m now frozen out of the game. Help!

Hi, there is a simple text file you can edit to fix this (or just delete it):
my documents\my games\democracy 4\prefs.ini

thank you for the tip - I can now play the game. It’s great! I am however still in the same position as I started: if I peer very closely at the screen it works fine, but while the screen size is correct the right is really, really tiny. Can I change the font size somehow? Thank you.

You cannot change the font size, but as long as you are happy to play fullscreen, you can be fullscreen in a different (non-native) resolution thats lower than your monitor, which should re-scale everything.

Thank you for your help. My screen is set to 3840x2160. On that setting, the game is fullscreen but the writing is tiny.
I worked out that the settings with the same ratios are: 2048x1152, 1920x1080 and 1600x900. Is that what you mean? Because when I set the display to those settings (just like all the others except for 3840x2160), the game gets rescaled but shrinks to a small corner of my screen (see below):

is that will the fullscreen option selected under options?

both with and without, same result.

Hmmm, that sounds like I may have a bug. Can you try it with windowed on, and a lower screen res and then can you email cliff AT positech dot co dot uk with the files in
\my documents\my games\democracy 4\debug
and I will take a look.