Unsolvable crisis

I really don’t like “year” being an input to many situations, implying inevitability. In this case I cannot get rid of the Rare Earth Metals crisis, despite having the three inputs which reduce it maxed out.

This is also one that would be self solving eventually. If these rare earth metals are so expensive, either companies will eventually figure out ways to make equivalent products with less of them to compete with each other on price, or the high prices will motivate the industries producing these metals to find ways to produce more to take advantage of the high prices, or some combination. Either of these solutions would take time, but again contradict the “year” input making this crisis worse.


Do you have green electronics passed as a policy?

This helps of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that the year factor makes it impossible with time to get rid of some situations. I think that the best solution would be for it to be capped.

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Yes, green electronics at max, rare earth metal mining at max, foreign relations maxed.

In the real world, some crisis can’t be solved but only mitigated.

But fortunately, we are talking about a game. The fact that we cannot solve every single problem at the same time is a realistic and welcomed part of the game, but that some situations (Rare Earth Metals crisis and Water Shortage) are an inevitability is, in my opinion, a serious game flaw, because it’s there not matter what style you are playing. Realism shouln’t trump gameplay, that is something I believe in.


Isn’t International Trade the value that reduces the crisis, not foreign relations??

edit okay i checked it it is foreign relations. - i have maximum year factor and i can’t solve the crisis regularly. i do not get below the “ending of the crisis” mark but i get under the “triggers of the crisis” mark.with pretty low foreign relations and maxfund green electronics+rare earth metal minig.
So a workaround would be to lower your technology to get below the ending trigger of the crisis. Maybe your cabinett is also too bad

You actually make a good point. International trade should reduce this one, not foreign relations. Hey Cliff! ^This guy! Also, I haven’t been able to make international trade stick to the ceiling like I can do with foreign relations, so that change would make this crisis even more difficult to get rid of.

Yeah the easiest is basicly playing as canada because of the northwest-passage. But for the others there are only the councils, speed railways, productivity and one of the langue laws and devalue your econemy and not doing import teriffs, and have high foreign relation ^^

I’m pretty sure the time factor no longer goes up infinitely.

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Take a look at v1.35 and see what you think! :smiley: