Untriggerable/blank events

I looked in freshly started save to see how events and dillemas are saved in them.
Following events seems to be untriggerable (0 value), and don’t do anything:
debtdeal, extremiststate, governmentshutdown, highcorruptioncriticized, socialmediascandal
socialmedia - two different files for same event.
There are two CryptocurrencyCrash events too. One activates after 15th turn and other after 32th turn.

schoolgirlskidnapped, socialmediascandal, terrorattack - is 0 as it is easily counterable.
They do stuff.

newlyindustrializedcountrystatus, royalbaby and royalwedding - they are locked for USA, and do stuff.
This means you can’t have all events unless you add all prereqs to country mission file.

Interesingly dillemas doesn’t write down trigger chance in save.
Can we have setting where we can set how many events are triggered per turn?
For example 2/1/0.5 events per turn.
There could be chaos mode with 5 events per turn too.