Unusual placement of enemy fleets - how?

I see that some mod missions have ships that are rotated in other ways than just facing towards the enemy. Could anyone tell me how to do this when i deploy my fleet?
It would help thanks!

Using my Unity mod as an example,
If you head to unit\data\deployments\mod_scenario21

you will see 3 files

These are the files from “Mission 10 - Valley of Death”

When we open up the text file we see plenty of these blocks
shipid = 2
name = Vindictive
design = _unit fa cruiser
pos = 4512,480
quantity = 1
angle = 180
behaviour_0 = ATTACK_FRIGATES,-1,0.50,860.00
behaviour_1 = ATTACK_CRUISERS,-1,0.80,860.00
behaviour_2 = KEEPMOVING,-1,0.00,0.00
behaviour_3 = CO_OPERATIVE,-1,0.00,0.00
behaviour_4 = VULTURE,-1,0.00,0.00

These blocks deploy the ships in the scenario.
The line i highlighted controls the angle of the ship.

Now, lets say you want to deploy YOUR ships on an angle.
In this case you have to:

  • deploy your fleet first
  • save the deployment file
  • edit the deployment file (which involves locating it in \My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles\deployments area)
  • run the game

i see now thanks