Update from 1.15

I downloaded from D2D (Direct to Drive), which gives me 1.15.

I did get an auto update right after I downloaded it the first time, which then crashed when I tried to start it again.
I restarted and assumed it was now updated (it isn’t)
I tried changing the clock to get it to update, didn’t work.
I tried redownloading it from D2D and got 1.15.

I have registered online and it still shows the correct information, even after repeated installings.

Can I d/l it from somewhere else (like steam) and get it to work with my registration code?

Any help would be appreciated.

As an additional bit of information, I didn’t install it to the default location, I changed it to another drive.

I also ended up with two install folders on that drive, deleted one, installed GSB to the other and it still doesn’t update.

I will try installing to the default location (since it isn’t too big) Hopefully someone can help when it is not late in the US :wink:

EDIT: Installed in the default directory, same problem.
I am beginning to think that the game thinks I have installed the update, so won’t update again. Does anyone know where I can remove the personal data (but not levels completed, if possible)?

In the hope that tribes would fix my issue, I bought it… (I like encouraging game developers with cash)

And… it doesn’t work.

Unable to execute file GSB.exe
Createprocess failed; code 2
The system can not find the file specified.

Makes me sad :frowning:

Ok, last post.

When I install the d/l from D2D, it installs to c:program files/gra…batlles beta
When I try to install Tribes, it asks to install to c:program files/gra…batlles

So a different folder. Is it supposed to do that?

Sigh. Will wait for a reply!

Can anyone help?
Even send me the patched game?

I can provide receipts that I bought the game. Getting pretty down about it, I don’t think I am asking too much to be able to download the game I paid for? Even went and bought the expansion just to fix the original.

I’ll sort this out today, Not sure why I missed this thread.

Problem resolved (with personal email from Cliffski, cheers!)

It WAS the install directory issue. Once I copied and pasted the contents of the created update directory into the one that ended in “beta” it worked. Until it updated, then it did the same thing. Copy and paste the update into the “beta” directory and it worked.

Renamed the “beta” directory to the default that the patches were installing to (just minus the beta bit) and tribes installed just fine.

I would assume this only effects D2D users and probably not anymore (if the download has been updated).

Peace out!

(and blow stuff up)