Update problem

Ok, so I went to Arcadetown to purchase this game, prior to knowing there was this site. However, their site has an older version. I was wondering how I go about upgrading my game to the latest version. I know there is a way to do it here, if, I had purchased it here. Is there any other way to do it ???

There is no way to that, but most of the updates within our version are already a part of the arcadetown version. Or in fact, i think it’s all of them.

Cliffski, the ArcadeTown version is not the most current. It still has the bug where you get charged twice for the venue (once when you book it, again when you play it)

Please help us ArcadeTown buyers, Cliffski!! How can we get the updates?? We paid good money for the game… :frowning:

I’ve emailed you today.