Updated list of completed/usable mods?

One thing that has been really helpful is the sticky with the list of all mods. However it is pretty outdated and I have had a difficult time finding all the good, functional mods to play with.

For one thing, several of them flat out don’t work and cause a crash after playing a battle with them, due to something not being mapped right. For example, the egyptian race Aesomething dies with their Red Matter 4 missile turret.

A ton of them are WIP and not really in a usable state yet.

Some of them looove using the Honor System and requiring hundreds of thousands of honor points just to unlock their stuff so I can try them out. I can see the theory but it can be super annoying…esp for beta content. (any way to just hax0rz your honor total to deal with this?)

Maybe some of the people here could just list the mods that they have and enjoy playing with. That would be helpful.

My experiences:

Unity - viral and prime: Tons of great options and lots of fun.
Union - same author as Unity. Excellent mod.

Star Blazers - Interesting use of extreme range weapons with nice custom modules.

Legios, Scavenger,Pirates - all 3 are similar. Kind of oddball but fun. NOTE: Legios used to crash, but the Eich’s Compendum pack fixed it so they work.

Stargate Tauri - uninstalled. Their modules are UNIVERSAL (whoops) so everyone can use them. So you uninstall and trash your install of the game cuz you accidently used one of their modules in another race’s creations.

Ancient plants- 123’s creation. Some really neat design decisions. Havent used a lot yet, but is promising. Not much custom modules though and nothing very powerful. i.e. expect to use vanilla weaponry.

Galactic Concordium - Had fun with this one after modifying several of the stats of modules. Watch out for the cruiser 3.7 tracking sniper turret which crashes the game. :frowning:

Xedilco - requires tons of honor unlocking which was not cool. Relies heavily on speed…too heavily actually. Crashed my game in the middle of battle which I’ve never seen before.

Star Trek & other random races - requires crazy amounts of honor unlock.

Gundam - Extreeeeemely expensive hulls…like 8000 credits for ONE SHIP before modules. Woah! Some interesting ideas though like a copilot needed for a fighter for certain weapons, etc.

Correction: Uni-T and Union are definitely NOT works by the same author. Cen2050 created the Union Resistance Coalition; darkstar076 created Uni-T. The respective mod races are opponents of one another, made by two very different - and very creative - members of the Friendly Community Mod Squad. :wink:

Would it be egotistical to note my own mod here? Probably. And I’m going to anyway, since it qualifies as completed/usable:

The Matmos Rift: http://positech.co.uk/forums/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=6621

I haven’t heard any negative feedback so far - though I haven’t heard a lot of feedback at this point. :slight_smile: I’ll cop to locking hulls and modules in Fleet HQ, but nothing’s too expensive and there’s plenty unlocked content to get anyone off to a running start.

Yeah, that misconception is my fault Archduke Astro. In the Unity Thread I have posted some of the work i did for the Union Mod as an advertisement for Union. This seems to have caused confusion and I have had a few people attribute the entire mod to me.

Never the less, Archduke is correct, Cen2050 is the Author of the the Union mod. I only provided tech support where needed :slight_smile:

Yeah :slight_smile:

The following Classified information is a how to guide for cheating the honor system.  The author takes no responsibility for any damage you do to your game.

Proceed at your own risk.

This is for PC Install of GSB

Navigate to:
My Documents\My Games\GratuitousSpaceBattles

The file your looking for is:

Open that file with a text editor and at the end of the file you will find
points = 123

This is the amount of Honor you have.  Change it to whatever you want and go unlock everything :)

Have fun

Awesome. Thanks for the info. Sorry about the misconception about union/unity. You know what they say about Assume… :wink:

I would absolutely appreciate people posting plugs of their mods here! I will look forward to trying out the Matmos Rift as soon as possible.

Yeah I was never big with custom weaponry since, almost every mod I play I end up stuck with 1 or 2 optimal ones anyway. If I made something that can replace your standard MWM/C.Plasma/CL, then it is probably OP.