Updated Spreadsheets

Updated to include the new weapons and hulls, in case anyone wants these.
gsb_data.zip (17.6 KB)

Thank you

FYI: the radiation cannon is a salvo weapon.

I’m not sure what that means. If you tell me how to update the spreadsheet, I will.

It fires in bursts, like the tribe racial weapons do.

That makes salvo_size and salvo_interval relevant statistics.

You may also want to include total_damage for the radiation based weapons.

umm. how do you open these files?, there in .xls

.xls is an Excel spreadsheet. If you do not have Microsoft Excel, you can use Open Office or Lotus Symphony, both are legal and free.

I forgot the obvious one - Microsoft offers a free Excel viewer as well, but as the name suggests, that one won’t let you alter the data.

Literally called Excel Viewer, in case it wasn’t obvious above.