Updated to 1.20

Here are the full changes:


  1. Population variable now correctly taken into account everywhere that a number of voters is listed.
  2. Unemployment benefit now has an admin cost even at full employment.
  3. New turn report screen now (mostly) sorts items by importance and only shows the top 8 most important items.
  4. You can no longer quit the speech progress screen while the speech is being given.
  5. Cynicism from pre-election policy changes is now triggered more easily.
  6. Fixed display bug when almost all policies have been implemented.
  7. Save games now dont have strange dates ands times when saved at certain times (They always use 2 digit numbers now).
  8. Made it easier to click on an individual voter from the bottom chart on the voter happiness screen.
  9. Fixed bug where clicking on the pie chart in expenses / income could generate a window underneath the current one.
  10. Fixed bug where occasionally in ‘value’ icon mode, simulation values in tooltips were incorrect.
  11. Fixed bug where some effects of potential policies were left of the list on small screen resolutions.
  12. Spain Executive term length now set correctly at 4 years.
  13. Fixed bug where the mouseover values on the finance chart showed yearly, not quarterly income values.
  14. Increased some policy start values in germany to reduce starting obesity.
  15. Impact of both types of immigration on healthcare demand reduced.
  16. Fixed Global Economy so it does not get stuck so badly in deep recession any more.
  17. Global economy now affects immigration (legal) There are more economic migrants when the global economy is low.
  18. Maternity leave now costs the government money when set at a high level (maternity pay paid by state).
  19. Regional war event now also boosts illegal immigration.
  20. Impact of retirement age on state pension cost doubled.
  21. Changed a bunch of inputs to education so they take longer. High poverty rate now negatively impacts education.

Video discussing some of these changes:

Hope you like it :smiley: