Updated to 1.22 Here are the big changes...

Full list with details:

This is to prevent a situation where you (for example) have a production line producing only Sedan GTIs, you then delete that design (but have a normal sedan design). In that case, the production schedule automatically swaps to a valid design (basic sedan) without telling you, so this warns you that this has happened.

This will break everyone’s save games until you re-arrange those 3 wheel slots into the new order, which everyone in the car industry has told me is the correct one :smiley: I had to change it as some point…

This is a tech that unlocks a per-slot feature where you can have the resources consumed at the start, rather than the end of a task, meaning the next lot of resources get ordered earlier than normal which should keep the production flowing better!

That one seems to be most of the bug (maybe not all?) where you have slots that produce items, but never seem to export them to the actual fitting slots. This was a timing bug which is hopefully now fixed (it seems fine in all my tests…).

Hopefully this patch gives us a more stable, easier to understand, more playable and balanced game. Lots more content & improvements to come. I also accept that the tutorial 9although much better now) still needs considerable work.

Thanks Cliff!

Great work Cliff, I encountered pretty much every of those bugs in the ~30 hours i’ve played 1.21. The power plant bug was incredibly frustrating as it would just crash the game out of nowhere.

I’m currently trying to reproduce a possible bug relating to conveyor upgrades and loading/saving games, but it’s very hard to restart the factory all the time and I can’t pinpoint if it’s a bug or just flawed observation.

Is there a way to enable developer commands so I can reproduce it better?

hmmm I cant think of any debug stuff that would help with the sort of thing you describe unfortunately. What are the symptoms?

I have encountered maybe 2 times where loading and saving different save games while not exiting the game appeared to not reset the upgrades, so a new game would end up with conveyors going very fast or a loaded game with conveyors going at stock speeds. Also when you load a game, sometimes conveyors don’t abide by their speed rating and export items from different queues at the same time.

But I haven’t been able to reproduce it easily so far.