Updated to 1.29. Here are the changes...

Hi there! We patched the game last night and I was too tired to post the changes then…but here they are!

  1. [Bug] Customers now reflect body-style market size correctly as well as the cost-band (which already worked).
  2. [Feature] New layout for achievements, and 12 new achievements.
  3. [Bug] Fixed issue where some car components were rendered wrongly when slightly zoomed out.
  4. [Bug] Changed design screen so you can no longer select an upgrade (like climate control) dependent on an upgrade (like aircon) which was not selected. Old designs may still have this issue.
  5. [Bug] Fixed issue where some of the smaller marketing boosts didn’t have an effect on customer numbers in the correct fashion.
  6. [Redesign] Changed the resource production and fitting system so that resources are now fully descriptive without those tooltips explaining extra features.
  7. [Simulation] Changed the way slot stockpiles work so they only ever queue up 4 car loads of resources, as one measure to prevent blocking.
  8. [GUI] Sales matrix entries now have a tooltip to show which of your car designs are in each category.
  9. [Bug] Fixed bug where the tooltips for cars in the showroom reported stock numbers for that body style, not specific design.
  10. [GUI] Added a horizontal scrollbar to the top of the vehicle design browser to make it easier and clearer to navigate.
  11. [Simulation] Improved the algorithm controlling the way resource stockpiles maintain stock.
  12. [Translation] Added French Language.
  13. [Feature] Added new research queue feature with GUI at top right of R&D screen.
  14. [Feature] Premium music added as a new researchable feature.
  15. [Feature] In-car music now requires a speaker component.
  16. [GUI] Clicking the large image of the selected car in the showroom screen now opens the design browser at that car design.
  17. [Balance] Adjusted frequency at which the AI calculates the appropriate level of competition.
  18. [Bug} fixed some occasional issues where the pricing and the price category of some vehicles would seem to get out of synch.
  19. [Performance] Fixed a memory leak that could cause slow performance on long games with big layouts.

Apart from the premium sound systems, achievements and French language support a lot of this stuff is ‘behind the scones’ but hopefully you are noticing improvements to the games balance and usability with each patch. Thanks for continuing to support and play the game!