Updated to 1.35 here are the changes:

Heatwaves don’t increase CO2 emissions as they do in real life.

Heatwaves should reduce the impact of reforestation due to burning trees.

Can deforestation be modeled in some way or is that represented by GDP?

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Interesting point, although I would suspect that the actual volume of forests destroyed in a heatwave is relatively low. I will have to look for data. My gut feeling is that deforestation globally in places like the amazon dwarfs the loss of some Californian forests though. Definitely worth me looking into it :smiley:


How have environmentalists not killed you? :smiley: you must be in full on police-state mode right?


I don’t play with assassinations :smiley:
And even then everyone is too brainwashed.

I think assassination risk only matters during transition, if I was playing with it.

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Soils under high temperature also release CO2 in vast quantities.

  1. SOC & Heat:

untitled (fs.fed.us)

  1. Effect of Forest Fires and Deforestation on CO2:

GISS ICP: What Effects do Forest Fires have on the Storage of Carbon? (nasa.gov)

it would be interesting to know if what you did was even possible with assassinations turned on. Also interesting to know if its possible at 200% difficulty.


Could we have a fix for the Windowed Mode not working?

Not working how? i’ve been testing the game in windowed mode all day. Whats going wrong in your experience?

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My game doesn’t recognize Windowed mode when I select the option. When I exit and come back, it loads in fullscreen rather than windowed mode.

For windowed mode to kick in you need to select a window size smaller than the current desktop, otherwise it will revert.

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Oh, I thought that it was automatic. Didn’t know that it was manual. Usually games have it as automatic.

Well if you set fullscreen at normal desktop res it should shunt into borderless windowed mode, but you cant visually tell the difference between that and fullscreen, apart from alt+tab works much better.

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Hmmmm… I didn’t expect that, usually windowed mode is more obvious, and borderless windowed mode is a separate option. Maybe borderless windowed mode could be a separate option in settings?

Cryptocurrency crash is too frequent. In fact when I have crypto tax enabled, it can actually push some of my liberal self-employed into poverty, with how many times it can stack.

Yup, my stats show its too frequent. This was a wrong number! I’m fixing it now actually.

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Patriot image is clipping into influences text on focus group screen. I don’t know if others are as well.

Ministers’ profiles have a graphical glitch when we change how we sort policy (weighted, value, etc.). The ministers’ profiles don’t follow their white background (in dark mode, could be present in other modes too?) as they shift position, when the sortition option changes.

Black Lives Matter Event should be influenced by racial tension? Should the event be called something else, when the skin colour of the largest ethnic minority is other than Black?

@cliffski I have UI enhancement idea:
Sympathies groups should be displayed in colour related to happiness of that voter group.
That is red, if voter group is unhappy, yellow when middling, and green when happy.
This way you could simply look at colours, and not at bars on side of game.

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Trying 200% difficulty default settings UK.
I should play along liberals before going far north in compass :smiley:
Minimized state healthcare, and implemented health tax credits so there still is some healthcare.
Also cancelled pensions - both of those were most expensive

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