Updated to 1.35 here are the changes:

You got into a big tent coalition, huh?

Yes, I fattened up country, so I welcomed religious and patriots :smiley:

I kinda annoyed liberals lol

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So you kind of swung all over the place?

Yeah :smiley:
Its way too easy to go anarchist hippie to nazi taliban once you have lots of >50% happy voter groups.

Voters are completely unfazed by hyperinflation too :smiley:

Hopefully when voter elasticity/inelasticity is a thing, this will be more difficult.

lol flat tax income STILL doesn’t decrease GDP - normal income tax decreases it.

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I didn’t know about this issue, never noticed it, should be fixed.

At 200% being taliban fascist nazi is unsustainable - had to add some nice policies

I also do everything to increase alcohol, tobacco and drug consumption for tax revenue :smiley:

I’m going to walk to top bottom corner now :smiley:

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You have plenty of problems in red.

When I click on the changes tab on the electioneering screen in dark mode, the white border goes away and it just becomes black. It’s an interface glitch, probably won’t be too hard to fix.

It isn’t utopia :smiley:

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@cliffski there is severe error with events/dilemmas:

Some of their effects stack on top of themselves!

I think you could revise them all in that angle.

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Hmmm. I will check the data. Basically dilemmas and events should prevent themselves from repeating too frequently, but it looks like the values for those ones are maybe a bit too weak. Thanks for reporting them.


Some stuff doesn’t have set decay at all - check all dilemmas and events, not just ones I reported


checking… actually found 1 missing setting for an event, but dilemmas work differently.
I think the problem is that the effects are strong enough and the decay weak enough that they are recurring too soon, or the effects not decaying fast enough.
Either I need to adjust those numbers, or maybe explicitly prevent the game triggering events whose prior effects are still noticeable… Not sure yet which way to handle it.


I guess you could test both and see which method preserves the game’s difficulty and stops the issue from recurring. So, I guess the most effective method.

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I see the problem… and will fix…


I guess banning single use plastic should mutually exclusive with said tax, maube make it a policy by itself instead of a dilemma. A policy which would be mutually exclusive with the tax.

Actually its easily solved. you can keep it as a policy, but that dilemma choice reduces the policy income to zero, which makes sense.

Would it still make the people it makes upset, upset?