Updated to 1.44. Lots of balance changes

Hi there! We just released build 1.44 which has a lot of balance changes, plus fixes to loading all save games. here is the complete list:

  1. [Gfx] Added laser-room to sensor manufacture, and fuel-tank press to fuel tank manufacture.
  2. [Bug] AI research icons for polished paintwork and aircon now show up correctly.
  3. [Balance] Make valves slot output doubled to 2
  4. [Balance] Make engine blocks slot output doubled to 2
  5. [Balance] Make hood slot output doubled to 2
  6. [Balance] Make horn slot output doubled to 2
  7. [Balance] Make trunk slot output doubled to 2
  8. [Balance] Make window slot output doubled to 2, plus process time increased from 1800 to 5200
  9. [Balance] Make steering wheel slot output doubled to , plus process time increased from 2100 to 6000
  10. [Balance] Make airbag process time reduced to 14000 (from 21,500).
  11. [Balance] Sodium Azide resource cost reduced from 300 to 220.
  12. [Balance] Make steel sheet slot output doubled to 2 process time increased from 1600 to 3000
  13. [Balance] Make sensor slot output reduced from 6 to 4.
  14. [Balance] Make aircon slot process time reduced from 22000 to 14000.
  15. [Balance] Make panoramic sunroof steel requirements reduced from 2 to 1.
  16. [Balance] Make axle slot output doubled, process time increased and construction cost increased
  17. [Balance] Make headlights slot output doubled.
  18. [Balance] Make Xenon Headlights upgrade extra process time increased from 600 to 3,200.
  19. [Balance] Make Alloy wheels upgrade now has higher power and speed penalties.
  20. [Balance] Reduced the time penalty for the make heated steering wheel upgrade.
  21. [Balance] Make powertrain slot process time reduced from 7200 to 5200.
  22. [Balance] Make wheels slot construction cost increased from 36125 to 54900, process time increased from 1,060 to 2,300.
  23. [Bug] Fixed bug where cars would sometimes seem invisible until you zoomed in closer.
  24. [Bug] Fixed bug where save games could not load and gave error: Saved subtask not found…\src\SIM_ProductionSlot.cpp 1369
  25. [Feature] New games show screen to pick your logo and company name, also editable from the icons on all of the main windows now.
  26. [Balance] Reduced the impact of competition on the desirability of car features (less dramatic car pricing swings).
  27. [Bug] Fixed bug where some animations did play on certain facilities.
  28. [Feature] Resource importers now periodically sort queued objects so slots waiting for resources for longest get their resources first.
  29. [SFX] Slot deletion sound volume now varies properly with the size of the deleted object.
  30. [GUI] Improved layout of resource importer GUI.

I hope these changes improve the balance, difficulty and long term playability of the game. We have some new achievements on the way, and a few more bits of GUI art coming too, and also I want to improve the user-feedback and tutorial/help side of things too.
Please not that naming your company and picking a logo are completely placeholder for now. There will be proper company logos in the next update with any luck :smiley:

Nice work.

Hoping this release will be released on GoG also…?
Love the game, 1.42a having some Graphics issues when returning from minimized…



And so it is/was.

Thanks very much.
En now to enjoy the new version :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

Fantastic work!