Updated to 1.62, Chip research, Preventative Maintenance, Smart Junction varieties & more

Hi all! I just pushed build 1.62 out to everyone! here are the changes:

[version 1.62]

  1. [Feature] All car colors are now unlocked in freeplay modes.
  2. [GUI] ou can now click and drag around the Research screen in both axis with the left mouse button held down. You can also use middle mouse to do that annoying autoscroll thing too :D.
  3. [Content] New feature (researchable): Active spoilers for sedan & sports cars. (powered spoilers requiring sensors and servos).
  4. [Content] New upgrade: preventative maintenance. needs researching and can be carried out at each maintenance facility to reduce breakdown chance by 50% in inner radius, 25% in outer radius.


  1. [Bug] Fixed visual anomaly where setting a car design colors to chrome, then removing that option could mean some cars changed color when zooming in or out.
  2. [Bug] Fixed crash bug (assertion error) when deleting some resource importers.
  3. [GUI] Clicking an un-researched upgrade at a slot now takes you automatically to the research screen to show where the research item is.
  4. [GUI] Yellow and red warning icons now also show in car design screen on categories where an item (of greater value) in that category has become universal or common.
  5. [GUI] Manufacturing slots now show an error message if the export stockpile is not connected, and they will not run until this is corrected.
  6. [Bug] Fixed crash bug on some occasions when leaving the slot details window open for a long time on a manufacturing slot.
  7. [GUI] Valve and Engine block manufacture now depend on the research of engine assembly manufacture.
  8. [GUI] A whole bunch of windows that could not be dragged around can now be dragged. Also icons added to facility/slot details title bars.
  9. [GUI] Upgrade strips on the slot details window now show icons for each upgrade instead of pointless cash icon.


  1. [GUI] Some pie chart and other chart colors adjusted.
  2. [Content] New researchable manufacturing facility and resource: Silicon and Chip manufacturing / Ai chip manufacturing. Adds new employee type.


  1. [GUI] Game will no longer allow you to rename or name designs so two designs are exactly the same (caused chaos!).
  2. [Bug] Fixed a bug where sometimes applying a tech on the post-research screen did not seem to work.
  3. [Feature] Smart Junctions now have side and 3 exit variations. Art not final. New ‘default’ option simplifies assigning designs.
  4. [Balance] When deleting a manufacturing slot you also now get a refund for the value of any stock in the export-stockpile for that slot.
  5. [GUI] On the imports tab for slot windows, there are no longer misleading import strategy buttons for raw materials that cannot be made locally.
  6. [Feature] Red and White leather seats can now be researched in the design studio and installed in the sedan and sports car.

Hope you like the new stuff. Advisers coming soon. As ever, all feedback is welcome, don’t forget to vote on our priorities from the main menu, and if you really like the game, a steam review is always welcome and a tweet, Facebook or Reddit post is always super-welcome too!