Updated to 1.63. Advisers, production manager and GUI improvements


Time for the roll out of a new update. Here is the list of changes in this build:

[version 1.63]

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when deleting a facility that is displaying a details window.
  2. [GUI] Vehicle details window now shows the correct sale price of the vehicle when finished, assuming no components are missed and no defects found.
  3. [Feature] A system of advisers give helpful pop-up window hints now during the game.
  4. [Bug] Processing order of slots now regularly randomised to prevent bottlenecks happening where production lines converge.
  5. [GUI] In R&D screen where an upgrade is applicable to multiple slots, its shown as researchable if only the easiest (highest in the hierarchy) slot has been unlocked.
  6. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when going from main menu to new game then back to main menu then selecting mods.
  7. [GUI] Main menu interface redesigned. Thanks to Perseco.


  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug under certain circumstances relating to large numbers of component manufacturing slots and multithreading.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where researching electric powertrain made the post-research GUI think you had locked the same upgrade twice.
  3. [GUI] Support for new changelist update window on main menu.


  1. [GUI] Update notification for non-steam builds also now shows nicer color-categorised and sorted list of changes.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where on 1280x1024 res monitors some of the speed buttons could not always be clicked.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug where the selected features for smart junctions in feature mode were not properly saved and re-loaded.
  4. [Balance] Rework is now researchable earlier and at lower cost.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where some resources, like directional xenon lights, did not have resource importer strategy options.
  6. [Feature] Custom maps are now embedded in save games, so you can edit custom maps and not have them wreck existing save games based on that map.
  7. [Feature] New production manager GUI.

The big changes are probably the new adviser popups and production manager although you will also notice changes to the layout of the main menu, and hopefully a bunch of small gui tweaks and improvements, plus a lot of fairly obscure bug fixes. Fix #4 is also quite significant I think as it will lead to fare better flow of cars where multiple lines converge.

All feedback and suggestions are most welcome!