Updated to 1.67. Movable slots, Key re-mapping, Player Guide & more


Hi everyone! A quick update before we add swedish translation and translations for the new in-game playerguide. Hope you like these fixes and improvements to the game:

[version 1.67]

  1. [Bug] Fixed building zone unlock costs all being zero.
  2. [GUI] Conveyor placement now cancels if it would make the player bankrupt
  3. [GUI] Changed R&D screen to ensure connections to items not currently on screen are still visible to avoid confusion.
  4. [Feature] Added a new in-game player guide (F1 or ? button) to explain game to new players. Also launchable from the main menu.

  1. [GUI] Some extra tutorial windows have been added to explain demolishing items and the canceling of the resource conveyor placement tool.
  2. [Bug] Fixed display-only bug where the component cost of vehicles with some options (like red leather seats) was miscalculated on the car design screen.
  3. [Feature] new icon at top right of a slots window allows you to reposition that slot at no cost.

  1. [GUI] New button with a car icon on the features window lets you re-launch the post-research screen to assign features to designs.

  1. [GFX] The rear window is now applied visually to the vehicle when the other windows are fitted now, instead of when the windscreen gets fitter.
  2. [Feature] Camera controls can be remapped using a new option on the options screen.

Hope you like these changes. We have now raised the price to $24.99, as we get closer towards the release out of early access. We also plan to add a few more remappable keys, and maybe improve some aspoects of the GUI before release, please vote on the priorities from within the game.
Thanks for your support, it is much appreciated!
BTW the latest developer video blog showing off some of these features can be found here: