Updated to 1.70 Better discount tooltips, In-production stats and bug fixes


Quite a small patch this time, just to address some items that came up now we have a larger playerbase hammering the game. Here are the changes.

  1. [GUI] Word-wrapping works on the blueprint slot names now.

  1. [Bug] Fixed bug where it was possible in some circumstances to skip specific slots on the line.
  2. [Gfx] Tweaked the animation for polishing paintwork so its scales nicely with the progress of the slot.
  3. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when trying to toggle off the upgrade for the maintenance facilities.
  4. [GUI] You can now type non english (supported characterset) characters into text edit boxes like company/vehicle name.
  5. [GUI] Added an explicit fullscreen button to the resolution picking screen under options to reduce confusion on how to enabled fullscreen.
  6. [Sounds] Reduced volume of slot placement sounds.
  7. [GUI] Added an extra line in the tooltips to show any applied discounts to the price on cars in the showroom.


  1. [GUI] New statistic displayed on vehicle design window: ‘in production’ to show partly assembled cars of that type.

  1. [Bug] Hopefully a fix for the rare ‘too many path objects’ crash.


We have a list of things we will be working on over the next week or two, including a fix for the financial totals screwing up if they go beyond 2 billion dollars, improvements to the UI to allow changing the order of car production, better explanations for which slot is missing next, and making camera pan speed configurable.

I’m also aware of a bug where music stops after a certain amount of time for some players, and that there is a crash bug relating to the maintenance facility for some players. I’ll also be looking into making it easier to copy existing lines at some point, and looking into some code optimisations too.

Eventually we will get working on an expansion too :smiley: