Updated to 1.71. Crash fixes,Huge money numbers fix, camera/autosave sliders


Hey everyone. This is mostly a bug fix update, but we also added in much requested sliders for both autosave frequency and camera panning speed to the options menu. Here is a complete changelist:


  1. [GUI] Added sliders in options screen to adjust camera panning speed and autosave interval.

  1. [Bug] Fixed some issues that allowed nonsensical combinations of some features such as pollen filters without aircon, or large batteries with a hybrid powertrain.
  2. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when clicking on the notification message that a world event has recently ended.
  3. [Bug] You can now no longer place down cosmetic items on walls on locked areas or in facings that cannot be seen.
  4. [GUI] Changed the reporting of customers per hour on the market screen so it shows ‘average’ customers per hour, not the number for the previous hour.
  5. [GUI] Changed the ‘next slot not found’ error so it reports the next unlocked slot, not ideal slot. Also fixed word-wrapping on those messages & partial car rendering.
  6. [Bug] You can now move existing slots regardless of whether or not you could afford to buy a new slot of that type.
  7. [GUI] Fix for display problems when any financial figure exceeded roughly 2 billion.
  8. [Bug] Fixed crash when selecting the research button when clicking to see details of a rivals recent research.
    10)[Bug] Fixed bug relating to deleting resource importers with items bound for a supply stockpile in the queue which could lead to supply stockpile problems later.
  9. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when hovering mouse over details window for rivals research, closing it, then launching the features tab of the efficiency window.


We plan to revamp some of the pathfinding code before the next update which will lead (hopefully) to better performance on really large maps (especially custom ones with lots of extra importers). I also have plans to work on the following:
A button to toggle off all blueprints
A button to reset the advisors advice so you can see it again after toggling it off.
Allowing you to change the order of items in the production queue.

A big thankyou to everybody has been buying and reviewing the game. If you are enjoying it, and have not already done so, please leave us a positive steam review, its one of the best ways for us to get attention for the game!

Getting a new crash when selecting Maintenance Department to add. Only happened once, can’t recreate.

Hi, thanks for reporting this., I know 1 or 2 other players have experienced this too, but I cannot yet reproduce it. its on my list of urgent fixes. Just reproducing it is the hard part!