Updated to 1.73. A HUGE number of changes and improvements to the game


Right…we have not had a list of changes this big for a while. Some good ones in here, I’m excited about changes to the price slider. I know its not perfect, but I think its way better. Plus the rapid shipping thing is cool. And yet more performance improvements (I’m determined to have it running silky smooth for you people with insane-size factories).


  1. [GUI] The choose company logo window is now larger if space allows.
  2. [GUI] Fixed some locations where numbers greater than 2 billion were still displayed wrongly.
  3. [Bug] Fixed resource bug whereby with ‘prefer local’ setting, a slot could ignore nearby supply stockpiles and use importers instead if there was no local production in the factory or local items in the stockpile.
  4. [Performance] Overhead resource items not drawn when very zoomed out or if frame rate is low and fairly zoomed out.
  5. [Balance] Fitting the high performance powertrain now has a speed penalty to bring it more in line with other engine upgrades.
  6. [Bug] FINALLY fixed that long standing graphical glitch where newly placed slots sometimes had 1 or 2 little decorative items that stopped a few pixels short of landing until you moved the camera.
  7. [Bug] Fixed slight visual anomaly where a car might initially face the wrong way when waiting to be processed at a smart junction.
  8. [GUI] Clicking the power gauge before power plants are researched will launch the research screen focused on powerplant research now.
  9. [Feature] Added a new button at the top of the slot picker that toggles the display of blueprints on and off while the game is in the normal factory view mode.


  1. [GUI] Clamped map scrolling so its impossible to scroll the whole world offscreen.
  2. [GUI] Mod browser now shows red/green for disabled/enabled status on the left hand side.
  3. [Bug] Fixed a few visual anomalies on the vehicle design screen previews with layers showing incorrectly.
  4. [GUI] Basic car now hidden as a feature for smart junctions, but basic features like solid roof are now selectable.
  5. [GUI] Smart junctions now show what mode they are in, and if feature mode, what feature(s) are being filtered when hovering mouse over them. Also support 2 features at a time.


  1. [Balance] A series of balance changes to enable the manufacturing slots for seats,aircon,sunroofs,panoramic sunroofs and fuel tanks to produce multiple items in one go.
  2. [Balance] Adjustments to improve competitiveness of some manufacturing slots such as chip production,arches,bumpers,brakes and heated wing mirrors & steering wheels.
  3. [Content] Added new researchable rapid shipping slot which reduces shipping time by 25%.


  1. [Feature] The game now saves the current mod list in save games and warns on load if a specific mod is not installed and enabled.
  2. [Performance] Major speedup to path-finding to reduce lag after loading game or placing/changing resource conveyors.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug with global local setting for resource imports.
  4. [Balance] Changed R&D so that smart junctions can be researched earlier and more quickly, whereas predictive stock control requires turbo charged conveyors.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where the player has named multiple zones identically in a custom map, and therefore savedgames only unlock the first zone of that name (now all get unlocked).
  6. [Bug] Doubled size of maximum objects and increased performance for assigning them to prevent random crash with super-huge factories.
  7. [GUI] Improved the design of the vehicle price slider.


  1. [GUI] Fixed UI issue where the width of the ‘defects’ tooltip for vehicles was too long in rare cases.


Hope you like the changes. if I have broken anything at all, please let me know!