Updated to 1.74. Balance changes, Bug fixes & price slider improvements

Hi. This patch is a relatively small one, but there are some good changes ( i think ) in the balance tweaks that improve the late game and also make smart junctions a more viable option earlier on.
We also have 3 (rare) crash fixes.
Also i fiddled with the car price slider, which should be a lot more usable now.


[version 1.74]

  1. [Bug] Fixed rare crash involving placing a blueprint for a slot on top of a starting-slot (like chassis assemble), then buying the blueprint.
  2. [Bug] Fixed crash when loading a game with vehicles at any very extreme edge tiles.
  3. [GUI] Improved usability of scroll wheel on car design price slider.
  4. [Balance] New car designs get a sensible starting price when created due to research to prevent accidentally having zero priced cars.
  5. [Balance] Increased purchase price of the shipping and paperwork slots by 30%
  6. [Balance] Increased purchase price of the fit computer and fit electrical components slots by 80%
  7. [Balance] Doubled the purchase price of the make electric powertrain and make electric motor slots.
  8. [Balance] Doubled the production cost of the make steel sheets slot.
  9. [Balance] Reduced the research cost of smart junctions by about 50%.
  10. [Balance] Increased the research time for some types of wheels and seats (design types).
  11. [Bug] Changed the export-rate for supply stockpiles so that they could not be overwhelmed, resulting in long invisible queues and an inability to send items out at a reasonable rate.
  12. [Bug] Fixed crash bug under certain circumstances when deleting very busy resource importers.


Don’t forget we have new DLC coming in just a few days!
Check it out:

…and also a video where I show off how that all works can be found here:

let me know if I’ve made any screw-ups with this update :smiley: