Updated to 1.75 Lots of GUI improvements and bug fixes


OK…wow…so much change…


[version 1.75]

  1. [Balance] Some manufacturing slot research now requires the base fit slots to be researched and unlocked first now.
  2. [Bug] The ‘copy from slot’ feature on supply stockpiles now takes into account that batteries are needed for fit fuel tanks if electric or hybrid cars are researched.
  3. [Bug] The post-research screen now takes powertrain into account when suggesting which cars get a feature.
  4. [GUI] There are now small up/down buttons on the vehicle design screen to adjust the price, which do the same job as the mousewheel.


  1. [GUI] The discounts for the showroom have been moved into a tab on the market screen.


  1. [Bug] Fixed bug where the setting for global factory resource importers persisted if you started a new game.
  2. [Bug] Nappa, White & Red seat manufacture slots now do the correct thing and don’t produce any standard seats.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug where placing then deleting conveyor belts in blueprint mode prevented new blueprints being placed in the same place.
  4. [Balance] Defects now start fading in over ten hours rather than suddenly appearing at some point in the game.
  5. [GUI] Added new button on the option screen to reset the status of advisors so you get all advice categories again.


  1. [GUI] You can now infinitely expand all of the slot picker UI in blueprint mode so you can place down any blueprints ahead of researching them.
  2. [GUI] The pop-up windows on the task-picker for resource importers now show how long each one takes to import an item, to more clearly show relative speeds.
  3. [Bug] Supply stockpiles now also automatically stock combo-resources such as heated and folding wingmirrors, if all the sub-components are required for a linked slot.
  4. [GUI] The pop-up label for the supply stockpiles now show the current linked slot type in brackets underneath if linked.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where if loading or starting a second game, some visual elements like open top or sunroof or wheels did not show correctly.
  6. [GUI] Market value of each car now shown in the vehicle design screen.


  1. [GUI] Mouse wheel now scrolls correctly in the showroom vehicle features list.
  2. [GUI] Renamed the ‘insufficient resources’ message, and also ‘wrong bodystyle’ and ‘predictive stock control’ so they all make more sense.
  3. [GUI] Fixed layout of market analysis screen at 2560x1440 res.
  4. [GUI] The ‘new’ text on recently researched slots on the slot picker now times out and disappears after being displayed for 30 seconds.
  5. [GUI] Fixed font problem with the X character in company name.
  6. [GUI] Map editor now highlights the potential placement tiles for importers and exporters in that mode to avoid confusion.
  7. [Bug] Fixed bug where blueprints placed and then bought, then slots deleted could still prevent other blueprints being placed.
  8. [GUI] The drop-down list in the production manager (for new car scheduling) is now sorted alphabetically.
  9. [GUI] The demolish tool (drag-select to delete) now works on a 1 tile width/height area, previously was a minimum of 2.


Hope you like these changes. I am planning on improving the reporting of what components are costing you on the finance screen for the next update.
BTW the latest blog video can be found here: