Updated to 1.77. Bug fixes and UI improvements


Lots of UI improvements in this one. Here is the complete list

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when deleting a smart junction with an open config window for that junction, then adjusting its settings.
  2. [Bug] Fixed misleading yellow warning for sunroof on some designs where panoramic sunroof was unlocked and common but not valid on that body style.
  3. [Bug] Fixed missing import config options on the fit seats slot for nappa, red and white leather seats.
  4. [GUI] Finance screen tabs now autosize where possible to save taking up too much space.
  5. [GUI] Expenses tab on finance screen now sortable up/down on each column. Pie charts now sorted by cost.

  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when marketing window is open at the point when a marketing campaign ends. Also the customer/revenue stats now update in real time.
  2. [Balance] Brand awareness from high sales (organic) now easier to achieve and has a bigger effect. This is now shown on the brand awareness box.

  1. [GUI] Options screen now includes the option to disable the red flashing and facility pop-ups when no research is currently taking place & facilities exist.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where you could still click on or right-click-delete a blueprint when those blueprints had been deliberately hidden.
  3. [Bug] Fixed hang when connecting resource conveyors to a vast list of unconnected stockpiles with the slot notices activated.
  4. [GUI] Vehicle design screen now shows design preview icons by names (if space permits) unless it needs the space for longer names.
  5. [GUI] Vehicle design screen feature strips are smaller and the market price has been moved to the tooltip.

  1. [GUI] A number of user-interface and formatting changes (improvements hopefully) to the research and development screens.

  1. [Balance] Increased both the cost and the research speed of research offices and centers by 10%.
  2. [GUI] Changed some of the UI colors and added support for a proper color palette loaded from a bitmap.


These changes mean that its now SUPER easy for me to change the color palette used for the UI, so I’m very open to feedback on that (FWIW its a file inside \data\bitmaps called color_palette.png, you can edit it yourself).

Hopefully the extra data that is now shown when hovering the mouse over a feature on the vehicle design screen is helpful tom players. This calculates the actual real world cost of the resources required, taking into account cases where you are producing some or all of them in-house, and how much the raw materials thus cost.

Thanks for all your support, ideas, and kind words about the game.