Updated to 1.78. GUI Improvements, searchable tech tree. New upgrades. Drag n drop tech queue


Hi all! Here is the latest update to the game! Full changelist:


[version 1.78]

  1. [GUI]Fixed bad formatting of car sales values over $2billion.
  2. [Content] Added new researchable upgrade for the visual inspection slot which makes the checks take much longer but very high chance to spot defects.


  1. [Content] Added new researchable slot to manufacture hybrid powertrains.


  1. [GUI] Improved a number of tooltips and requirements on the research screen to hide pointless tooltip information, reformat short ones, and make requirements more sensible.
  2. [GUI] Clicking any box on the market matrix (sales) where you have a design for that price/body style now opens the design window for the first matching design.
  3. [GUI] The text on the market analysis window for each car design can now be clicked on to open the vehicle design screen.
  4. [GUI] Added visual up/down indicators to the columns in component efficiency and finance expense screens to indicate/reflect the current sorted column and direction.
  5. [GUI] You can at last drag-and drop research queue items to re-arrange them!

  1. [GUI] Added search bar to the top right of the research screen. start typing in there to find a tech from its name.

Hope you like these changes! Feedback welcome. I have a list of small GUI changes todo, and also plan on looking into some late game marketing options to boost sales for those ultra-huge factories.