Updated to build 1.16 today. Hope you like it 😃

Here are the changes:

  1. Fixed some anomalous effects and effect charts for high,middle,low income and a few others.
  2. Fixed the timeline icons on the voter details screen occasionally being off-center.
  3. Fixed bug where mods could cause extra entries in the drop-down list for languages on the options screen.
  4. You can now click on effects on a voter groups income or membership and it takes you to the right screen.
  5. Fixed bug where policy icons were invisible if you can cancelled a policy and later re-implemented it.
  6. Framerate improvement for video cards that seem fill-rate limited for screens with full-screen dialog windows.
  7. Improved algorithm for voter turnout which results in much more sensible (and often higher) results.
  8. Added Brazilian Portuguese Translation!
  9. Many effects that reduce crime and violent crime now take longer, and some inputs to crime and violent crime are stronger.
  10. The cyberbullying situation now boosts the violent crime rate.
  11. Many effects the boost education now take effect over a longer period.
  12. Policies that affect technology positively now take longer to achieve that effect.
  13. Industrial automation now has a stronger impact on unemployment.
  14. Technology now causes unemployment directly at a higher level.
  15. Homelessness now influenced by population and more strongly influenced by other factors.
  16. Fixed potentially bad memory leak if you repeatedly launch the load game or save game window with lots of save games.
  17. Lots of balance changes.
  18. Revamp of immigration, now split into legal and illegal, refugee policy added, and immigration rules policy added. Illegal immigration crisis situation added.
  19. Real estate bubble situation now upsets the poor.
  20. Relaxing planning laws dilemma now affects the real estate bubble situation.
  21. Fixed Empty Homes tax which had a reversed impact on socialism.

Looking forward to trying this today when i get home.

Immigration is still out of control. I also noticed that unemployment is impossible to solve, despite the fact that all policies aimed at reducing it are applied.


Well, I hate to be that guy, but here we go…

After this update was released, I was excited to play it for, I suspect, the same reason as a lot of people: the revamp of Immigration. I did two terms with the UK just now and here’s my feedback on it.
I’ll cut to the chase right away: Not only do I think that it didn’t fix Immigration, I believe it actually made it worse. And I have a few clues as to why.

First, let me explain the problem.
Basically before, we had the problem where once GDP was maxed out, Immigration would skyrocket. Causing a lot of problems with very few ways to solve them. You only had two choices, either you go for an Ethnic Minorities & Liberal run (and had >70% Ethnic Minorities), or you put every single anti-immigration policies (and some mods) to try to reduce Immigration as much as possible (0 being impossible). With this update came the possibility to have more control over Immigration, with a separation between legal and illegal immigration, which is good. But now we have this awkward situation where not only legal immigration is out of control, illegal immigration is too.

Here’s what I mean, this is my legal/illegal immigration in the UK in the second term, GDP/Education/Health are maxed out and Crime/Poverty are at 0:

(Ignore the +12% Global Influence in Immigration, it comes from a mod that also add a -15% with another policy, so it balances it)

The thing is, I’ve put every single anti-immigration policy in the game, PLUS some mods (like the Immigrant Tax to adds a -32% to Immigration). The only one I’m missing is Border Wall (because UK).
Not only can’t I get Immigration to 0, but Illegal Immigration stops at around the same level and has the same bad effects (like Healthcare Demand) as Legal Immigration. So not only the problem is still there, it has been basically duplicated.
The reason why is pretty simple, Illegal Immigration has almost the exact same inputs as Legal Immigration, with the almost exact same effects. Now Legal Immigration don’t have Border Control to reduce it, and it’s not enough to reduce Illegal Immigration down to 0 (or a least bellow the Stop Trigger of the situation).

Now onto some solutions:

I have two propositions that should help solve this problem once and for all. The first one being this new policy that has just been added:

Simply put, Skilled & Native Language should not be the extreme end of Immigration Rules, it should be Total Ban (with at least a -100% at Immigration). Legal Immigration can be as harsh as we want, it’s just rules, but people will try to get around them if they get too extreme. Which brings me to my second solution:
Illegal Immigration should not be affected by the same causes as Legal Immigration, but instead be influenced by how strict the rules for Legal Immigration are. With Border Wall (and an equivalent to islands, like Coast Guards or something) being the main policy to bring that simulation to 0.

What do you think about it? I would really like this problem to be finally resolved, as someone who like to play in an conservative-patriotic way.


I agree completely with you, though to help with Illegal Immigration there could also be an Immigration Enforcement Agency, who go around and deport illegal immigrants already present, to the dislike of capitalists, liberals, socialists, and minorities, but to the support of conservatives, patriots, and the poor.

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Agreed on all points. This threw a LOT of spanners in the simulation (most of which you cannot see, because I adjusted for them), but i knew I would end up undershooting r overshooting the effects!
This means its now easy to fix properly, without still having the confusion between legal and illegal immigration.
I agree that we need a new enforcement policy for deportations (especially criminals, but sliding all the way to petty crime, and just missing paperwork), and it looks like i definitely didn’t make the extreme end of immigration controls extreme enough.

I actually thought I had already supported total ban, but was thinking of the refugee policy, which is also new.
I’ll get this balanced soon, just collecting feedback on anything else broken in 1.16 (which was a major patch) so I can do a mini update in a day or two.


I do appreciate the new levels of complexity you’ve added, it’s just a matter of perfecting the figures!

About the Refugee policy, it just increases or not-increases Immigration, it does not decreases it (and that’s fine, I think).
Also, on a completely unrelated note, in that same run, I’ve had my first coalition in the 20+ hours I played the game. I remember you saying that you wanted to make those more likely, well that seems to be the case, good job.
There’s also a slight bug(?) I’d like to report. As you can see here, the second party is not colored (it’s supposed to be red) and the numbers are almost impossible to see with a light blue color.

The most obvious effect missing right now is that if legal immigration rules are as generous as possible, nobody should immigrate illegally.

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It would also be nice it the time aspect is represented somehow. Should refugees be allowed to stay permanently or only temporarily and have to return to their country of origin once the situation has calmed down? I don’t know if this should be on the scale of the refugee policy slider or if citizenship tests could be reworked into a more general citizenship policy where you can have different levels of demands for foreigners to be granted full citizenship and permanent recidency.

Also, immigration policy and refugee poilcy should probably both be on discrete sliders rather than countinous. Changing the slider entails adding or removing concrete legal requirements. Either you accept people without a job offer or not, there is no smooth countrioum there.

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