Updated to build 1.23

Here are the changes today. Hope ya like em!


  1. Fixed incorrect or broken effects & costs for EV transition, Plant Based Diets, Judicial Independence, Nuclear Fission.
  2. Changed scaling for simulation values so in ‘value’ mode they show difference from the midpoint.
  3. Added South Korea as a playable country!
  4. Added support for country-specific minister art groups.
  5. Improvements to how sensibly the icons are positioned on the main UI.
  6. UK now has Tobacco Awareness Campaign enabled to reflect the warnings on packets.
  7. Reforestation policy is now slower to implement, and slower to impact the environment.
  8. Synthetic meat research now boosts plant based diets, and pleases instead of upsetting environmentalists.
  9. Improved election analysis screen so it uses tiny people symbols rather than an ambiguous ‘dot’.
  10. Slightly boosted impact of voter ‘complacency’ over time for when they start to take the governments policies for granted.
  11. Fixed a bug that artificially limited how complacent voter groups could be at a lower level than it should.
  12. Party analysis screen now also uses people icons instead of meaningless dots.
  13. Possible fix for rare bug where alt-tabbing to and from the game can lead to ‘phantom clicks’ on items like the next turn button.
  14. Fixed bug where the background fade effect disappeared when canceling an industry privatization.

If warning labels on the package is enough to count as a tobacco awareness campaign, then Canada should start with this as well. There was some upset a few years back when the label went from covering half the package to 3/4 of the package.

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Ooh interesting. I shall make a note of this…

Australia’s is also infamous. Cigarette packets in Australia - Wikipedia

Speaking of Australian health warnings, I still want a drug awareness campaign so I can imagine my country running those amazing “Stoner Sloth” commercials which can be found on YouTube.

Wow, thats even worse than the UK. I’ll make sure its enabled for Australia too.

Gotta love those cigarette packages, eh?

P.S. the average cost of a pack of cigarettes, pre-tax, in the USA is $3.54 per pack. The average tax is $2.74, getting the cost per pack to $6.28.

In other words, taxes increase the cost of a pack in the US by 77%.

Source: How High Are Cigarette Taxes in Your State? | 2019 Rankings for federal & state taxes on cigarettes, and How Much Money Smoking Will Cost You in 20 Years for the post-tax cost of a pack of cigarettes. I figured out the “taxes increase the cost of a pack in the US by 77%” statistic via maths.

Well, if we’re talking about the warnings on cigarette packages, then I will say that France have them too since 2010.
Other Source (this one’s in french, but it basically says that since April of 2010, cigarette packages have to have at least 40% of their area covered by a dissuasive image provided by the government).

Ok, I’ll enable it for france too.

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It is implemented in Spain too.

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It sounds like we need a thread that’s purely posting pictures of cigarette packages in various countries in the game, and deciding which are the worst! France’s & Spain’s below per Google.

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WTF? smoking makes your toes fall off? I don’t want to zoom in on that.


I don’t speak French but, I guess? Oooof.

Translated from french (from left to right and top to bottom):

All cigarette and rolling tobacco boxes will have THE SAME COLOR, NO MATTER THE BRAND.

THE HEALTH WARNING WILL BE MORE SHOCKING, combined (text and visual) and enlarged to 65% of the box (compared to 30-40% today).

On the box: Smoking clogs your arteries

The branding text will be standardized: SAME TYPOGRAPHY AND COLOR.

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Only just spotted the spain post… will ensure its set there too…