Updated to build 1.28

For a full list of what just changed check out the changelist here:

Hopefully this improves the balance of the game, but I look forward to your feedback on the changes and to the current state of the game now we are on version 1.28.


Hi Cliff,

I have just completed some tests carried out with the new version of the game and here are some points I want to focus on:

1 - Both legal and illegal immigration (legal even worse) continue to be literally impossible to keep under control, despite having implemented every gaming policy dedicated to this purpose.

2 - Another thing I have noticed is that health is counted twice, once individually and once included in human development.

3 - As for driverless cars, I believe there is some kind of bug that prevents them from being triggered because I have the law on driverless cars, technology and industrial automation, all three at the maximum (I specify that I have no active policy on the limits and bans of cars in the city).


Excellent feedback, thanks. It looks like the curves on some of the immigration policies are going to need some more extreme values at a high end.
I’ll look into the health input and also the driverless car thing too.


Looks like driverless car situation is pretty unbalanced…will fix…